Just Dishin Hockey® is a hockey lifestyle brand founded in a small college dorm room by Matthew Keeler in 2011. With boxes piled high to the ceiling at St. John Fisher College, the campus was buzzing with students that wanted to get their hands on the newest and freshest merchandise that was being created.  After a few short years and one diploma later, Keeler wanted to expand his growth into an area that could support his vision.

With the recent revitalization of downtown Buffalo, it was a perfect match to move the JDH® Headquarters to 775 Main Street.  We stand united with the city of Buffalo as we encounter brutal weather, embrace our hardcore fans and hope to one day, hoist a long-awaited Stanley Cup.

Since day one, each design is created in-house and is inspired by professional hockey players and everyday fans that live the lifestyle we preach.  This brand represents the 6am practices, the long hours on the road to away games and celebrating wins late into the night. Homegrown and deeply rooted in the realms of the everyday hockey lifestyle, we represent a new generation of players and creatives from all walks of life.  

Our mission is to create timeless pieces in limitless styles; connecting the dots between hockey, music, art, culture, fashion and this great city we call home.